A celebration

of design

We truly live and breathe design. We love it, respect it, encourage it, promote it. We put it at the forefront of everything we create and with the help of meticulous craftmanship, we build our story through it.

Designer Alain Gilles.

Alain Gilles

Designers Jelena Lukač Kirš and Jakov Šrajer, and the company's art director, Maša Vukmanović.


A proclamation

of love

Milla&Milli started out as a brainchild of two artlovers; a shared dream of two souls in love with design, wood and each other. And to this day, that love and passion is still clearly embodied in every masterpiece we create.

Meet Ksenija and Ivić Pašalić, two halves of one Milla&Milli heart and the driving force behind everything you have seen so far.

Milla & Milli
Waves Bar Cabinet

An ode

to Mother Nature

We consider ourselves as doers first, talkers second. So, our ode isn't one of words, but of heartfelt and decisive action. And one you are invited to join. Our pledge is to create new life, to plant a new tree for every piece of furniture you buy. Thus, the park forest growing around our facilities stands as a living and breathing reminder of our shared mission — to protect and respect our Mother Nature.