Wood you

care if we told you

that reforestation is just a small segment of our balance-sustaining movement. for each piece you buy from us, we plant a tree named after you, or after someone of importance to you.

Call it by your name.

that we don’t cut trees younger than 80 years. moreover, we use every scrap for the pellets production in our mother company Mundus Viridis.

No log left behind.

that our Earth-loving artisan furniture and lighting is produced by the highest ethical and ecological standards.

Down to earth.

that we passionately stand for animal rights.

From endangered to empowered species.

that we are a great advocate of the arts, particularly of the artists creating with wood, and other natural materials.

Home is where the art is.

that each time you buy our piece, it comes with a bespoke engravement option.

Do take it personally.