Edge Bookshelf
Edge Bookshelf
Edge Bookshelf



Some of the most memorable stories are built around opposing characters. Embracing the concept, Edge bookshelf combines smooth, organic and rounded shelves with clean-cut, stark and minimalist uprights. They create a visual tension that makes the piece dynamic in appearance, recognizable and unique. So, the bookshelf itself becomes a story worth telling. Just like the table and the bench, it comes in a matte black and natural option.

Material: solid wood, oak
L1 237 x 40 x 185 cm
L2 237 x 40 x 96 cm
M1 180 x 40 x 185 cm
M2 180 x 40 x 96 cm ( LxWxH )
Black matte oil
Invisible oil

DESIGN Alain Gilles

Edge Collection