Working everyday with wood, we know that nature is the greatest artist of all. That is why we are so passionate to honour her with superior design of our products.

So, when our passion about design meets the talents of our creative team – great things happen. And by great we mean beautiful, smart, special.

Both our buyers and our fellow proffesionals have recognized and applauded the dedication and passion we put in the design of our products.

We are very proud of the numerous awards we have won in a relatively short period of time. The list below comprises both Croatian and international recognitions, and we believe it will get even longer and more impressive.


German Brand Award 21 Gold
German Brand Award 21 Winner
German Design Award Special 2021
Archiproducts Design Awards Winner 2020
BigSee Wood Award 2020 Winner
BigSee Product Design Award 2020 Winner
RedDot Award 2021 Winner
BigSee Wood Award 2019 Winner
BigSee Product Design Award 2019 Winner


It is our honor and pleasure to partner with some of the leading contemporary designers in the region, including Jelena Lukac Kirš and Jakov Šrajer, and the company's art director, Maša Vukmanović.

As they have proven over and over, their talent and vision matches the highest expectations of M&M and we consider them instrumental to our success.